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Writing, research, and advocacy
For 20 years, Sarah Vaill has specialized in human rights, women's rights, social change, advocacy, and philanthropy. She is a full-time consultant, part-time filmmaker, and longtime activist with expertise in the UN human rights mechanisms for CEDAW, the UPR, and the 1325 framework.

Work experience and clients include: Karama, V-Day, the Rape Treatment Center, UN Women, Global Fund for Women, Urgent Action Fund, the Women's Funding Network, Grantmakers without Borders, the Los Angeles Partnership for Early Childhood Investment, Organization for Women's Freedom in Iraq.

Film and Documentary: Sarah Vaill has written, directed, or produced five documentaries, PSAs, and short films, including Women With Altitude, distributed by Journeyman Pictures.

For Pro-Social Consulting, Sarah has conducted landscape analysis and identified opportunities for the social impact campaigns of documentaries and NGOs.
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